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willies reserve - hemp temps trusted customer
willies reserve - hemp temps trusted customer
willies reserve - hemp temps trusted customer
willies reserve - hemp temps trusted customer
willies reserve - hemp temps trusted customer
willies reserve - hemp temps trusted customer
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Find skilled employees

Hemp Temps helps you work smarter, streamlining temp worker staffing with trained and qualified talent

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we qualify, train, & certify

With Hemp Temps you can rest assured the talent we send is trained and qualified with certificates to prove it

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Side hustles, temporary gigs, entry-level positions, or that Cannabis Career you have always dreamed of – if your willing to invest in yourself, we are excited to connect you with opportunities!

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Hemp Temps is your premier full-service staffing agency specializing in the hemp industry, dedicated to fulfilling all staffing requirements for cannabis jobs

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The cannabis industry faces hiring challenges, especially with legal regulations. While some Cannabis Jobs are easy to fill, HR and accounting positions require specific skills and are harder to staff.

Instead of hiring full-time employees, consider outsourcing these roles. No matter what the roll is Hemp Temps has you covered with trained, vetted talent.

Multiple Facility Support for cannabis jobs weed jobs with hemp temps


With consolidation taking place at every level in the Cannabis Industry we at Hemp Temps built in the flexibility businesses demand, with multiple facility management.

Multiple states, no problem. Multiple facilities, no problem. We make managing Cannabis Jobs with multiple facilities a breeze!

packaging & gramming

Packing in Cannabis is crucial, having the right talent to get the job done right is essential

human resources

From hiring and training to assisting with key Certifications, we’ve covered HR!


Cannabis Retail is the front lines of the industry. First impressions are key! We set you up for success!


Trimming is an artform we instill into the Hemp Temps Workforce with a plethora of training lessons


Looking to elevate your cannabis business?

Look no further than Hemp Temps! Our dedicated team of industry experts is here to match you with top-notch temps to assist with all your growing, trimming, and bud-tending needs.

Whether you need temporary staffing or are looking to build a long-term relationship with a skilled worker, Hemp Temps has got you covered.

Join us today and experience the difference for yourself!



With a large commercial facility, our scheduling demands change daily and finding a company who is able to keep up with our last minute requests is hard to find.

The scheduling director has made the whole process of our requests as smooth and easy as possible.

Without the assistance we receive on a daily basis from the Hemp Temp staff our day to day operations would be unmanageable.


Hemp temps is such a great service! It’s really nice to be able to reach out and have help available if and when needed.

Even given short notice, Hemp temps has always made sure that our staffing needs are met. Any issues are always resolved quickly and with professionalism.

With how frequently things change in this industry, it’s just nice to have a service that can provide temporary staffing needs for those busy times when you might not need permanent help And We LOVE our temps!


Being a startup company, Stillwater has found that Hemp Temps offers a service very much in demand.

We have taken full advantage of their temp to hire program and eight of our current employees started with Hemp Temps, and are thriving within the company.

The program gives us the opportunity to work with individuals and make sure that we fit them and they fit us. We will continue to utilize Hemp Temps for all of our staffing needs.

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Join 3,546 facilities and 81,550 Hemp Temps Workers

At Hemp Temps we work smarter, not harder! Connecting Cannabis Jobs with trained workers 24/7, 365 days a year!

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