How to Get Your MED Key or Support Badge

Tips to Help You Get Started in the Cannabis Business

By Hemp Temps - November 8, 2019

Getting started in the cannabis industry in Colorado can be confusing! There are many rules and regulations, unlike other legal states. The Colorado Department of Revenue says this regarding the strict cannabis regulations in Colorado, "The Marijuana industry in Colorado is one of the most scrutinized businesses in the state, because Colorado citizens want the industry and everyone involved in it free from even the hint of any corruption or deceit. That's why we take our regulation of the industry very seriously, including the issuance of licenses."

To prevent corruption and deceit, people who want to work with weed in Colorado must obtain a MED Occupational License. This license allows the person to work inside licensed Medical and Retail Cannabis facilities and/or for vendors that provide services to licensed businesses.

The MED Occupational License comes with a Key or Support Badge, which is proof you're allowed to work with THC in Colorado. You must have this badge on you, and it must be visible at all times while you work with weed. MED officials stop by to licensed facilities like grows and dispensaries to make sure businesses are following the rules. The badge quickly shows MED Officials that employees have their MED Occupational License and that they're allowed to work with cannabis. There are two types of licenses/badges to choose from:

  • Key Badge: This is good for employees that make operational or management decisions. An example of such an employee is a master grower or store manager. Note for those wishing to work at Hemp Temps: if you have a Key Badge with no real management experience, there's no guarantee that you'll be made a supervisor at Hemp Temps right away; you must show us leadership first. It's good to start with a Support badge, and you can upgrade to a Key Badge!

           The application fee is $250

  • Support Badge: This is good for employees that work in the business but doesn't make operational decisions. Examples of such an employee would be a budtender, trimmer, packager, or harvester. 

           The application fee is $75 

If MED Officials find that an employee of a cannabis business is not following the rules, there can be real consequences. Many hiring managers ask candidates to show proof of their MED Badge before they can even land an interview! At Hemp Temps, we ask that you have your MED Badge before applying. So how can a cannabis industry hopefull get their MED Occupational License? Just follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Make sure you qualify!

Before you apply, make sure you qualify. You could spend $75-$250 on the application to find out it was denied. The rules are relatively strict, so be sure that can prove these things:

  • You must be a Colorado resident and have a Colorado driver's license or other Colorado ID to prove it
  • You must be 21 or older
  • You must never have been convicted of a felony for the use, distribution or possession of a controlled substance
  • You must not have served time, including parole or probation for a felony within the last five years
  • You mustn't be a physician who makes cannabis recommendations
  • You've never have been a primary caregiver and had your authority revoked by the state
  • You are not living with or related to an employee of the Marijuana Enforcement Division
  • You are not a prosecuting officer or actively working as a member of law enforcement
  • You are not an officer or employee of the marijuana state licensing authority or local licensing authority

If you're new to Colorado and don't have a driver's license yet, get one! You must have a Colorado state-issued ID, because, without one, your MED Occupational License application will be considered incomplete, and they will not process it. A US Passport does not count, nor does an ID from another state. Getting an ID is as easy as walking into your local DMV, but be sure to have all the identification requirements needed to prove you're currently living in Colorado.


Step 2: Complete your application

Now that you've determined you're qualified, you can go ahead and start filling out the paperwork! You can download the application here

Right now, the application is 12 pages long. It's relatively easy to fill out, especially if you don't have any arrests to disclose, which means you only have ten pages (you still need to sign and date each page and write N/A where applicable). A previous MED requirement was to get your application notarized, but as of the writing of this blog post, you don't need it notarized. Awesome! One less step for you! 

If you have arrests to disclose, be sure to list them all. Your application will not necessarily be denied if you've been arrested, but it may be denied if you fail to disclose an arrest (unless it was sealed or expunged).

After filling everything out, look it over carefully; double-check that you've signed and dated every page, filled in every line, and check-marked where needed. Be sure that you've filled your application out honestly. The MED does a background check, and they will find irregularities. 


Step 3: Schedule an appointment at one of the MED offices

To get your MED Occupational License application processed, you must make an appointment with one of the four MED offices in Colorado to submit it. They also get your fingerprints and take a photo for your badge during this appointment. MED offices are spread out to different populated areas of Colorado to meet the demand for licensees. Despite multiple locations, there is usually a wait, so make an appointment right away! To make an appointment, send an e-mail to one of the following:

  • For the Lakewood office:
  • For the Grand Junction office:
  • For the Colorado Springs office: 
  • For the Longmont office: 

A brief e-mail that says you'd like to make an appointment for the soonest opening is fine. If they respond with an exceptionally long wait (wait times vary throughout the year), you can ask them to put you on a cancellation notification list. You can also e-mail all four locations to see which has the soonest opening. Grand Junction typically has less of a wait, but it would be a road trip if you're living in the Denver area!

When the time comes, don't be late! Many people may have the same appointment time as you, and the order in which they receive people is the order in which people came. Bring a print out of your completed application and bring any legal documentation needed to prove you qualify for the license. You'll also need your Colorado Drivers License or Colorado ID. Finally, don't forget a form of payment, and remember that if you're paying cash, you can only do so at the Lakewood office, and it must be exact change.


Step 4: Get your badge and start applying!

If your application is approved, you'll receive your MED Badge in the mail a few days later. Finally, you can start working with weed! Apply to work at Hemp Temps today! We don't require you to have any previous cannabis experience because we'll train you for success. We'll schedule you to a variety of jobs at different locations, so you'll gain a ton of experience. Watch this video to learn more about what it's like to work at Hemp Temps.


Temp to Perm Program at Hemp Temps

Tips to Help You Succeed

By Hemp Temps - October 25, 2019

   As Colorado and Oklahoma's best cannabis temp agency, we proudly offer a fantastic program called Temp to Perm. This program is for both temps and clients to participate. There are plenty of reasons why one would want to participate in this program. Keep reading to find out!


   We send employees to your facility on a temp basis, and if you like an employee, you can have them back to your facility full-time for a four-month trial period. At the end of 4 months, the decision to hire the employee full-time is yours. 

   You might be looking to fill a specific position and don't have the time or resources. What if you spend a ton of time hiring and the new person doesn't work out? As our client, you try different employees until you find a good fit, or we can choose a candidate based on the job description. Once the decision is made on which to temp to perm, we'll get the program started. 

   Another reason you may find the Temp to Perm program handy is that you could have one of our hard-working Hemp Temps at your facility on a temp basis. You may notice they're getting the job done efficiently, and they're meshing well with the rest of your staff. This person may benefit your team full-time. You can let us know and we'll get the program started! 

   The four-month trial period is designed to help ascertain if the specific employee is right to hire. It's a straightforward process, and all payroll and other services we provide will continue during the four months. If the employee does well, and you decide to hire them, then they'll no longer be an employee of ours. You'll take on all payroll and other responsibilities for your new hire.


   You're always going to different job sites. You see many diverse workplaces, and you may find you like some jobs more than others. If you find a specific facility you enjoy, this could be your opportunity to work there full-time. Let us know if you enjoy working at a particular facility because we can discuss the Temp to Perm program with our client. They may be looking to fill a position you're aiming for! Don't miss your chance; be sure to contact us right away to start the Temp to Perm program!

   Once the Temp to Perm program has started, you'll go to that specific job daily, and no other job. You must put your best foot forward during the 4-month trial period because, after four months, the client has the decision to hire you or not. If the client is happy, then you'll no longer work for us, but you'll be a full-time hire at your new cannabis dream job!


Wondering how you can get the Temp to Perm program started? Contact us!


How to Work in Oklahoma's Legal Cannabis Industry

Tips to Help You Get Started in the Marijuana/Cannabis Business

By Hemp Temps - October 4, 2019

There's a massive demand in Oklahoma for trimmers, harvesters, packagers, extractors, kitchen aids, and budtenders for the hemp and marijuana industry. For some, this could be a fresh start in a rewarding new career. However, with the lack of appropriate information out there, many people are asking us, "How can I work with weed in Oklahoma?" While it may seem like a straightforward question, it's relatively tricky to find the correct information. We decided to write a full blog about how you can quickly get started at the job of your dreams.


So what do you need to get started? Check out this list:

  • A complete background check that covers criminal history is necessary. We offer background checks through CBadge. If you purchase the Support-Background-Check for $100, you'll be granted access to our 3-course video library for free. There's a second, more in-depth background check for those wishing to become a manager or intending to obtain a Transporter Agent License. The Manager-Background-Check includes a comprehensive background check for $250, and you'll be granted access to our video library for free. Both of these deals are excellent because not only do you get the useful information needed to start right away, you'll also get the necessary background check required to work in the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma. 
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to work with weed.  
  • Finally, you don't need to be a resident of Oklahoma to work in the cannabis industry there (unless you want to be a transporter or business owner). We're only mentioning this because it's a very real requirement to live and show proof of residency in other legal states.


Oklahoma is relatively relaxed with their regulations. For instance, in Colorado, one must obtain a MED Support or Key Badge. Those that have this badge must wear it at all times while working with cannabis. We're taking this idea and running with it! For Oklahomans, every person hired by us will get a Hemp Temps lanyard and a Support or Manager "Badge" from We'll ask that you to wear these while working with cannabis at all times (and they must be visible) to easily show our clients you've obtained a background check and that you're legally allowed to work there. Plus, it'll show who you work for, and you can represent us!


At Hemp Temps, we're trying to help people get hired and succeed in this ever-growing industry. It doesn't matter if you have zero experience because we'll train you to feel confident in the work you do. If you already have some experience and/or background check, great! Let's get you a job; submit your resume here.


Resume Writing Tips for the Cannabis Industry

Tips to Help You Get Started in the Marijuana/Cannabis Business


   As a cannabis staffing agency, we've seen thousands of resumes, some excellent and some not so good. In this blog, we'll cover the good and bad of writing a hemp resume for the cannabis job of your dreams.
    Be sure to fill out your work experience in chronological order, so the most recent position reads first. You don't need to list every job you've ever had, but list three or four jobs, and only the ones that you've worked the longest/gained the most experience.  
    Our hiring professionals love to see keywords that pertain to the job you're applying to. For example, work experience as a Plumber with the description, "Handyman skills with a desire to always get the job done," is so much better than, "Just did plumbing around the house with my dad." While we love that you spend time with your dad, it doesn't tell us anything relevant.
    You don't need to have marijuana-related experience to get hired at Hemp Temps, but if you have any, be sure to include it on your resume. If you don't have any experience, you can write about your passion for weed in your cover letter. Love to garden and want to use those skills for cannabis use? Put that in your cover letter.
    Always check the e-mail you're using to apply. An e-mail with your first and last name or some rendition will show us you're professional. Whereas an e-mail like nof* will show us a lack of motivation.
    Getting a job in the marijuana industry is similar to any major industry when it comes to skillset. We like to see professional skills that make you stand out. Some skills that are not professional: Beer Pong, Talking, and Listening. Instead of Talking and Listening, try Excellent Communicator. Instead of Beer Pong try Great Hand/Eye Coordination. 
    List the most important skills that you've gained via work experience or school. Don't put every single skill you think you possess. Only write the ones that highlight your ability to do the job.
  • Tip #4: KEEP IT SHORT
    Our hiring professionals don't have time to read a 3-page resume. Try to keep it down to the point. Job descriptions should be one to four sentences or bullet points explaining what you did and how you got the job done. You don't need to put how often you smoke pot, any non-relevant achievements, or criminal history. 
    Obtaining government credentials is crucial for landing a cannabis job in some states. In Colorado, anyone working in a legal grow or dispensary need to have and wear at all times during work, a MED Support or Key Badge. We cannot hire you in Colorado without it, so it's always good to see it on a resume. Oklahomans don't need these types of credentials, but those working in the legal medical cannabis industry there do need to undergo a background check.

CannaFest Job Fair

Join us for CannFest!!  A Cannabis friendly job fair!

When: October 3rd, 2018- Wednesday, from 2pm to 7pm

Where: Tetra Private Lounge and Garden located at 3039 Walnut St Denver CO 80202

We will be accepting applications and resumes for: Trimmers, Budtenders, Packagers, and Grow Assistants. Interviews will be available as well.

Free dabs, smoking friendly, joint rolling contest, blunt rolling contest, raffles, and prizes. DJ with live music!

Email for more information.

Marijuana Jobs - Mass Hiring

by Shannon Foreman | Aug 21, 2018

Have you ever dreamed about working in the cannabis industry? This ever-changing industry offers a multitude of positions, with new openings every day. Whether you're MED badged or not, Hemp Temps can help you find the job you want! We are MASS hiring in Colorado for :

  • Trimmers
  • Harvesters
  • Grow Labor
  • Packaging
  • Budtenders
  • Kitchen Assistance 

We're looking for employees in Boulder, Denver, and Pueblo.

At Hemp Temps, we offer training and full-time or part-time employment. We offer flexible schedules and competitive wages. Come join Colorado’s first and only full-service staffing agency specific to the Marijuana industry! We want you!