About hemp temps

At Hemp Temps, we pride ourselves on being the premier staffing solution for the cannabis industry.

Premier Staffing Solution

We offer specialized services including trimming, budtending, packaging, cultivation, and extraction. Our rigorous screening processes ensure we provide only the best talent, while our Hemp Temps University equips our staff with comprehensive training to meet industry standards. Our mission is to connect skilled workers with cannabis businesses, offering flexible staffing options that support growth and operational efficiency. We understand the unique needs of the cannabis sector and are dedicated to providing top-notch service and support.

Pros Committed to Excellence

Our team of professionals is committed to excellence, ensuring that every placement we make helps our clients achieve their goals. Whether you need temporary staff for peak seasons, permanent employees to grow with your business, or expert consultants to optimize your operations, Hemp Temps has you covered. We believe in the potential of the cannabis industry and are here to help it thrive by building strong, efficient, and compliant workforces.

Hemp Temps, a trusted partner

As a trusted partner for both job seekers and employers, we offer exciting opportunities and reliable staffing solutions. Our dedicated account managers work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide personalized service. Job seekers can find rewarding positions with us, from entry-level to expert roles, and grow their careers in a supportive environment.

At Hemp Temps, we are more than just a staffing agency; we are a community.

Join us and be part of a team that is shaping the future of cannabis.

Our Team

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Cannabis Jobs with Hemp Temps

We’re Hiring

Join Hemp Temps and find cannabis jobs near you. We offer roles in trimming, budtending, cultivation, and more. Benefit from comprehensive training and flexible opportunities. Become part of a team that values excellence and growth in the cannabis industry.

Human Relations


We connect skilled workers with cannabis businesses through rigorous screening and comprehensive training. We offer roles in trimming, budtending, cultivation, and more. Our human relations services ensure employees are well-prepared and businesses have the staff they need to succeed. Join us to grow your career in the cannabis industry.

vetting, hiring, dispatch

free training

We offer free training to our workforce and encourage them to invest in this area of self improvement. We want our crew to succeed on the highest levels, so we invested in their future by providing the Hemp Temps University for free!

trimming & cultivation

Packaging & retail

We are a full industry full service provider. From planting clones to packaging to greeting people at your local dispensary at Hemp Temps we connect you with the entire world of Cannabis for FREE!



With Hemp Temps you can manage your staffing from your phone for your cultivation warehouse and your multiple dispensary locations. We provide a streamlined Ui / UX that is unparalleled in the Cannabis space