Approved States for Hemp Temps Services

Discover which states are currently approved for our specialized cannabis staffing services.



Introduction to Approved States

Welcome to our Approved States page. Here, you can find a list of states where Hemp Temps is authorized to operate. Each state listed has met the rigorous standards required to ensure compliance and quality in the cannabis industry.

This page is your gateway to understanding where you can find job opportunities and services provided by Hemp Temps.

The states listed here are pivotal in the growth and development of the hemp industry. By focusing on these regions, we aim to provide unparalleled job opportunities and foster a community of skilled professionals dedicated to advancing the hemp sector.

Whether you’re looking to start your career or expand your expertise, these states offer a fertile ground for growth and success.

Approved States

Hover over your state to see if it is approved, click on the the state to learn its employement requirements for Cannabis Jobs.


What Our Students Say

Thanks to Hemp Temps University, I landed my dream job in the cannabis industry. The hands-on training and expert guidance were invaluable.

Alex Johnson

HTU provided me with the skills and confidence I needed to excel in my career. The trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive.

Samantha Lee

After completing the program at HTU, I was able to start my own cannabis business. The education and connections I made were crucial to my success.

Brian Davis

The comprehensive curriculum at HTU prepared me for every aspect of the cannabis industry. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to advance their career.

Jessica Martinez

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