Looking for Direct Hire or Permanent Placements in the MJ industry?

by Shannon Foreman | Feb 13, 2018

Did you know Hemp Temps directly placed 76 candidates in 2017?! We recruited and placed positions for the following opportunities:

Cultivators, Bud Tenders, Growers, Packagers, METRC Administrators, Production Managers, Extraction Technicians, Cannabis Chef

The benefit of using Hemp Temps is we find the ideal candidate that exactly meets your needs. The client then has the candidate work with them temporary until they are sure the candidate is a great fit.

Lets say the candidate is not quite what your looking for. No problem! We will send out an alternate candidate util the client finds the right employee to bring on. During this time the candidate will work temporarily for the client until the client is ready to hire them on.  What other MJ staffing company lets you do that???!!!

Come get placed today!

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