Are you a cannabis cultivator or hemp farmer looking for seasonal work at your outdoor grow? Do you have a constant demand for cannabis services at your always-growing indoor cultivation? Perhaps you have a dispensary or edible kitchen that needs qualified budtenders or certified ServSafe employees to assist? Maybe your extraction team needs additional blasting support? Hemp Temps is here to help!

We’re a full-service cannabis staffing agency that specializes in providing trained and professional, temporary work, Temp to Perm, and direct placements. You can find out about all of our hemp and cannabis services here. Whether you’re in Oklahoma or Colorado, the process is the same, so please keep reading to learn how effortless it is to schedule Hemp Temps! 

 Step 1: Know Your Need

When it comes to temporary cannabis labor, you should know your need first and foremost. Our staff can help with this, but you should review your business’ schedules and reports. Ask these questions to help know your need:

  1. What job needs to get done? Do you need harvesters, trimmers, packagers, or general labor? Knowing what job is the highest priority to keep things moving is your first step. 
  2.  How long do you need Hemp Temps? Will your dispensary staff be taking vacations, or do they need additional support for the holiday season? Communicate with your team to know your need. You can use our 1lb/per day equation for trimming needs:
  • One trimmer can produce 1 pound per day, depending on the strain.
  • If you have six pounds, you’ll need 6 Hemp Temps to get the job done in 1 day (depending on the strain).
  • Or you’ll need one temp to finish the job in 6 days. 

If you have any questions regarding Hemp Temps production rates, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff! 

 Step 2: Call or Email Us

When you know your need, Hemp Temps can handle the rest! Reach out by calling or emailing our office. Our staff can answer any questions you have. Calling is faster and more direct, but we understand the chaotic nature of the cannabis industry. If email is more practical, our staff will respond quickly to your needs. We handle all payroll services and schedules, so after you reach out, you’re almost done! 

 Step 3: Paperwork

We’ll send over some paperwork via email to finish everything up. Our terms of services are easy to read, so there’s nothing to worry about. Once everything is signed, we’ll introduce you to our Scheduling Department.

 Step 4: Introduction to Scheduling Department

After getting the Introduction email, you can start scheduling Hemp Temps. From here on out, temporary cannabis staffing is just an email or call away. Whether you have any long term projects or short term goals, our Scheduling Director can handle it all! The only thing you must do is know your need and communicate that with us. Again, don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Helpful hint: Currently, if you’re in Colorado, we recommend cannabis businesses review schedules a month out; it is advised Colorado businesses book Hemp Temps a month in advance. If you’re in Oklahoma, Hemp Temps are ready – trimmers and gloves in hand – for any cannabis job.

Side note: If you think one of our Hemp Temps is doing a particularly good job, and you’d like to see how he or she does full-time, we offer Temp to Perm services, so please let the Scheduling Department know if you’d like to engage in this program.