As Colorado and Oklahoma’s best cannabis temp agency, we proudly offer a fantastic program called Temp to Perm. The program is for both temps and clients to participate. There are plenty of reasons why one would want to participate in this program. Keep reading to find out.


We send employees to your facility on a temp basis, and if you like an employee, you can have them back to your facility full-time for a four-month trial period. At the end of 4 months, the decision to hire the employee full-time or not is yours. 

You might be looking to fill a specific position and don’t have time or resources for the hiring process. What if you spend a ton of time hiring and the new person doesn’t work out? As our client, you’ll get to try out different employees until you find a good fit, or we can choose a candidate for you based on the job description and skillset. Once the decision is made on which to temp to perm, we’ll get the program started. 

Another reason you may find the Temp to Perm program handy is that you could have one of our hard-working Hemp Temps at your facility on a temp basis. They may be getting the job done efficiently, and they’re meshing well with the rest of your staff. This person may benefit your team full-time. You can let us know you’d like to initiate the Temp to Perm program, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

The four-month trial period is designed to help ascertain if the specific employee is right to hire. It’s a straightforward process, and all payroll and other services we provide will continue during the four months. If the employee does well, and you decide to hire them, then they’ll no longer be an employee of ours. You’ll take on all payroll and other responsibilities for your new hire.


You’re always going to different job sites. You’ll see many diverse workplaces, and you may find you like some more than others. If you find a specific facility you enjoy, this could be your opportunity to work there full-time. Let us know if you enjoy working at a particular facility because we can discuss the Temp to Perm program with our client. They may be looking to fill a position you’re aiming for! Don’t miss your chance; be sure to contact us right away to start the Temp to Perm program!

Once the Temp to Perm program has started, you’ll go to that specific job daily, and no other job. You must put your best foot forward during the 4-month trial period because, after four months, the client has the decision to hire you or not. If the client is happy, then you’ll no longer work for us, but you’ll be a full-time hire at your new dream job!

Wondering how you can get the Temp to Perm program started? Contact us!