At Hemp Temps, we believe that educating yourself about the ins and outs of the cannabis industry is vital. Before jumping into the field and working with a cannabis staffing firm, consider obtaining a formal education in the industry.

Starting a career in cannabis can be intimidating. For starters, you should understand current cannabis regulations and new positions in the industry before diving into the field. Additionally, the cannabis industry requires you to have unique skills and a comprehensive understanding of the industry before securing a position.

Work With a Cannabis Staffing Firm

Imagine simplifying your job search by working with a full-service agency that will guide you through every step of the hiring process. Once you have the skills you need to learn in this business, your professional cannabis career can take off!

Our goal is to give you the necessary skills to succeed in one of the hottest industries on the market.

And at Hemp Temps, we’re committed to growing your cannabis career with you. All you have to do is get started!

Develop an Industry Education

As more people embrace the legalization of cannabis around the country, cannabis education continues to be significant.

Industry job opportunities in the cannabis world are increasing. 

So if you want to be the next cannabis expert, you’re going to need to have access to the right tools for understanding marijuana and its benefits. Having those proper educational resources on hand and gaining exposure to the cannabis industry will lead you to greater job opportunities in your desired field.

There’s truly nothing more rewarding than that!

Why Join Hemp Temps University (HTU)?

Once you acquire the right tools and educational materials to get you started in the complexities of the cannabis world, you’re ready to launch your career! 

Fortunately, Hemp Temps University will help you get there.

As the only educational institution in Colorado, Hemp Temps combines education with employment. Upon completing your education with Hemp Temps University, you’ll soon be able to work with our full-service staffing agency to land your first position!

Our education staff members have decades of combined experience in the cannabis industry. Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve long-term success in the ever-growing cannabis field. 

Ready to launch your career in the cannabis industry? Consider joining Hemp Temps University to jumpstart your cannabis education and get staffed at a cannabis company.