How Temp to Permanent Works at Hemp Temps

Are you interested in breaking into the cannabis industry? If so, consider exploring “temp-to-perm” opportunities via Hemp Temps, a full-service staffing agency designed to help you land your dream job in the cannabis industry. 

The cannabis industry is unique and demands high-quality talent that understands this particular niche. Hemp Temps has years of professional experience in understanding cannabis regulations, potential hiring risks, and more. We are devoted to helping employers and employees find the right fit for them.

Temp-to-perm work allows employers to offer potential employees a temporary position for some time. The employer may later choose to extend the offer to their temporary employee, leading to the possibility of promotion for a permanent role and a myriad of exciting opportunities in the future.

Fortunately, temp-to-perm opportunities offer ample benefits for employers and employees alike. Here, we’ll be sharing several reasons why temp-to-perm positions are helpful for both parties.

How It Works For Employers

Cannabis employers are always searching for top-tier candidates to work for their businesses. However, in such a niche industry, finding qualified candidates with professional industry experience can be difficult. 

If you’re an employer in the cannabis industry struggling to secure the best potential hires for your business, consider working with Hemp Temps. We’re a full-service cannabis staffing firm that works to find quality candidates. Our recruiting specialists discover premium staffing solutions for cannabis industries by screening potential hires, performing extensive background checks, and already understanding the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. 

When working with a cannabis staffing firm, you can expect to avoid the risks of hiring an employee that is not the right fit for your business. At Hemp Temps, we select candidates that hold a sincere interest and extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry.

We understand that the hiring process can be complex and extensive for many cannabis employers. That’s why working with Hemp Temps will not only save you money in the long run, but now you can focus more on the success of your cannabis business. 

Hemp Temps offers a list of high-quality candidates that are already trained and certified to work in cannabis. Whether you’re searching for temporary or long-term staff members, we are happy to provide you with the right fit when you need them.

How It Works For Employees

If you’re a temp-to-hire employee in the cannabis industry, you can expect to receive as many benefits as employers. 

By working with Hemp Temps, you’ll gain firsthand experience in the cannabis industry through temporary positions. You can also grow familiar with a company’s culture to see if you may be a good fit as a permanent employee. And on the other hand, if a work culture doesn’t match your needs, you won’t have to stay with the company as a permanent employee. 

Another fantastic perk of working with Hemp Temps is that you’ll acquire training for different positions, expand your skills and resume, and determine which full-time position you may want to pursue. Temporary positions are a great opportunity for you to see which position best suits you in the future.

Additionally, Hemp Temps will be sure to match you with a company that closely aligns with your values and will offer you unparalleled opportunities in the field you desire. We cannot wait to help you begin the next step in your permanent career and land your dream job in the cannabis industry.


At Hemp Temps, we provide premium staffing services for cannabis businesses to thrive in the industry. We work with both employers and employees to form long-lasting partnerships and combat the hiring challenges that many businesses face. 

As there is a high demand for talent in the cannabis industry, Hemp Temps only offers badged, experienced, professional, and reliable folks who desire to work and learn in the cannabis industry. We also make sure to cater to an employer and employee’s specific needs by reducing the stress that normally accompanies the hiring and job-hunting processes. 

Finally, we understand that premium service and industry knowledge are what cannabis businesses need to thrive in the industry. That’s why Hemp Temps screens all temporary employees for quality and compliance. 

Interested in exploring temp-to-perm opportunities in the cannabis industry or hiring a temporary or permanent employee to work for your cannabis business? For more information and updates on exciting positions in the cannabis industry, visit Hemp Temps online.