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June 27, 2024

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In the cannabis industry, professionalism isn’t just about knowing your products and regulations—your appearance and hygiene are equally important for establishing trust and credibility.

What You’ll Learn

Building on Lesson 1, which focused on acceptable attire, this course dives into the essential realm of hygiene practices. You’ll learn how personal cleanliness reflects your professionalism and plays a significant role in maintaining workplace standards, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Key Topics

  • Required Hygiene Practices: Effective practices include regular handwashing with soap and water, using hand sanitizers, maintaining proper grooming with trimmed nails and clean hair, wearing gloves during product handling, regularly laundering clothing, and daily bathing or showering.
  • Unacceptable Hygiene Practices: Neglecting personal grooming, untidy hair, and overgrown beards, dirty or untrimmed fingernails, unpleasant body odors, stained or wrinkled clothing, visible food particles on clothing or skin, an unkempt appearance, excessive body hair, and neglecting oral care are practices that compromise professionalism and workplace standards.
  • Consequences of Poor Hygiene Practices: Failing to uphold these standards can lead to contamination and compromised quality of cannabis products, potential recalls and financial losses, damage to personal and company reputation, regulatory violations, and loss of customer trust.
  • Impact of Excessive Use of Strong Scents: Overusing perfumes or colognes can transfer strong odors to cannabis products, alter their aroma and flavor, potentially trigger allergic reactions, and cause discomfort among coworkers and customers.
hygiene best practices - washing hands is crucial when working cannabis jobs with Hemp Temps
Washing your hands frequently is a crucial hygiene practiced widely in the Cannabis Industry

Why This Matters

Maintaining proper practices is not just about personal appearance; it’s about contributing to a safe and professional environment. By adhering to these standards, you ensure quality product handling and positive customer interactions, which are crucial in a highly regulated industry like cannabis.

Personal cleanliness directly correlates with professionalism and can significantly influence your success and career advancement within the cannabis sector. Employers value employees who prioritize these practices as it reflects commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards.

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