INDO EXPO – The Premier Cannabis Trade Show in Colorado

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by Shannon Foreman | Jan 31, 2018

INDO EXPO – The Premier Cannabis Trade Show took place here in Denver, Colorado this past weekend of January 27th and 28th. The INDO EXPO welcomed us to the Cannabis Trade Show. The first day was mostly industry people and businesses seeking partners or competitors. The second day was open to everyone, even the public. Hemp Temps had a booth on Sunday in their “Job Fair” section. We set up and got comfy before the rush! We met so many people all the way from California to New York that had something to do with the Cannabis industry or wanted to get into the industry. We spoke with a lot of new timers, wanting to know how to get into the industry (it can be tricky!). We explained our services and how we love to help people fresh into the industry.

We can give you all the training needed through our Hemp Temps University courses and we give you the much-needed experience that employers look for on your application! We got so many applications, we are so excited to welcome everyone we met who applied. What is also so exciting about these events, is not just advertising your own business, but meeting more businesses, CEOs, suppliers and more. We were able to see all walks of the industry and what it entails.

We met a company that combined four cannabis plants in one. It started with a Blue Dream base, then graphed on to CBD, Purple Now and Later, and Gorilla Glue. Doesn’t that sound just beautiful? Rooster magazine was there! We made sure to stop by their booths as we love their reading material in the office! A couple of other vendors we know fairly well were there, including Agri Air, Growers Choice, Auto Pot, G.A.S, RediRoot, Rosin, CYCO, Emerald Harvest, Black Dog LED, Solis Tek,  GRO|Dan, and Archive Seed Bank.

Those were just some of the MANY that attended this amazing event. Please join us next time? Follow our Facebook at for updates on more events, contests and more!

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