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by Shannon Foreman | Jan 23, 2018

As of January 1st, California became the sixth state to allow licensed shops to sell marijuana! It is basically the same thing as going into a liquor store, you show proof of being 21 and over and you are legally allowed to purchase marijuana! With it becoming recreational, this means doctor recommendations for a medical marijuana card is not needed. Smoking in public however is still illegal, this means bars, restaurants, public streets or areas are completely off limits. Anyone caught smoking marijuana is subject to hefty fines! You are only able to smoke in your own home and private property, but keep a look out for those new and approved “lounges” which should be opening soon after January 1st. Please keep in mind, they have a lot of medical dispensaries, that wont necessary serve you. This is for medical patients only, with a doctor provided card. These dispensaries may make the switch to have both recreational and medical but for now, be sure to do your research before pulling up to one to shop! The only thing needed to purchase from a recreational shop is to have your valid ID and you may buy up to an ounce of marijuana products. Now if buying is not for you, you can also now grow at the convenience of your own property. Although it has been legal since November 9th of 2016, every Californian was about to grow 6 plants each per household as long as those plants were kept out of everyone’s view. Local government officials are still looking into more restrictions as far as growing now, but most likely all laws will be in effect later in 2018. So, stay tuned. Need more information? Visit our website, as we plan on expanding our services to the California!!! We are excited to see what California has in store for us!
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