How to pick up a Cannabis job with the Hemp Temps App!



July 10, 2024

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How to pick up a Cannabis job

Hemp Temps has been connecting cannabis job seekers with business owners seeking temp talent for decades. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from that experience and poured it into the Hemp Temps App!

Once you’ve created your profile and finished the required minimum training lessons, you can start picking up Cannabis Jobs! Learning anything new can be challenging for some, and we want this process to be as easy and smooth as possible for everyone who works with us.

That’s why we’ve prepared this article to break down exactly how to pick up a cannabis job with the Hemp Temps App!

By the end of this article, you will have a complete understanding of how to pick up a Cannabis job you are seeking. You will be one step ahead of other temp workers who do not take this proactive approach to self-improvement. We are excited to have you on our team, so let’s get this party started so you can grab some Cannabis Jobs today!

How to pick up a Cannabis job PREREQUISITE STEPS

  1. Create a Hemp Temps Profile
    • Remember to upload a profile avatar photo of yourself.
    • Include any badges or credentials you’ve earned in the past.
  2. Complete the Required Training Lessons
    • We offer free training to help you level up your skills and value.
    • Some courses are required to ensure a consistent experience.
hemp temps app mobile view filter and sort jobs How to pick up a Cannabis job with the Hemp Temps App! how to pick up a cannabis job


  1. Filter Jobs: The Hemp Temps app allows you to filter jobs by location, date, job type, and status. Locations can be as simple as your zip code, and the distance indicator will provide a visual cue to the approximate distance.
  • Job Types: Packager, Trimmer, Harvester, Extractor, Budtender, Front desk, Greeter, ID Checker, Inventory, Data Entry, Event Staff, Promo Rep, Cleaning, Joint Roller, Grow Tech, Clone Tech, Sign Spinner.
  • Status: New, Applied.

*MOBILE NOTE Filter and Sort Jobs by clicking the “Filter & Sort” button on the top left of the screen. This will open up the Filter and Sort options in an overlay page where you can make your selections and then close the overlay page to view the results.

2. Select Job and Times: Each job has specific shifts associated with it listed below the job details. Select the desired shifts from the list of what’s available. Each job has its own identification number, location, and status indicated at the top of the page for easy reference.

A job can be one of three statuses: Active, Live, and Open. Below this, you will find the Job Dates, Start and End times, Lunch Breaks, Total Hours, and Rate presented in a table with the values for each below the titles. Below this, you will find a list of available shifts with shift number, date, day of the week, and a “Pick up Shifts” button.

NOTE: If you have not completed the required training or your account has not been verified, you will NOT be able to pick up shifts!

Excellent Work! You can pick up shifts!

As you can see, finding Cannabis Jobs with the Hemp Temps app is simple and easy. Picking up shifts from jobs filtered by location, type, and status just makes it easier and better to find what you are looking for. Now that you have all the information you need to pick up a cannabis job in the industry, hop over to the Hemp Temps App and give this process a go!

If you haven’t completed the required training, what are you waiting for?

We provide free training here at Hemp Temps because we believe the Cannabis Industry is for everyone. We’ve taken our decades of firsthand experience and crafted a comprehensive online training course that will level up your skills and subsequent value to our clients. Take the next step toward your future with Hemp Temps!

Get started

If learning these skills, techniques, and terminology peaks your interest you will be excited to know we have a plethora of online lessons just like this one to prepare you for the jobs available on the HempTemps App.

Getting started for job seekers is as easy as creating a social media account. We have an orientation video to guide you through the process and once complete you can begin learning everything there is to know about just about every Cannabis Job out there. After completing the mandatory lessons you can start working!

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