“Temp-to-perm” work starts off with an employee entering a temporary position and, if the offer is extended to them by the employer, leads to a promotion to a permanent position. This is often used as a hiring strategy for positions in very competitive job markets. It allows employers to be pickier with who they choose to hire. Even with this fastidiousness that employers are able to exercise, there are a number of reasons why a temporary worker may be promoted to a permanent position. One such reason may be that the employer is incredibly impressed with the employee’s work ethic and would love to see them become a part of the team permanently.

Now Hiring Temp to PermIt may seem like temp-to-perm jobs exclusively give employers the upper hand, but there are numerous benefits that this type of employment provides to the employee as well. Three of these benefits include:

1. Find the Right Position that Makes You Happy.

While it is true that employers can “test drive” employees to see if they are a good fit for the company, the reverse is proven to be just as true. Temporary positions allow you to get insight into the responsibilities that would be expected of you as a permanent employee. You would also be able to become familiar with the work culture with firsthand experience, rather than relying solely on information provided by an interview. Additionally, if you find that the temporary position is not the right fit for you, you will not have any blemishes on your resume when the contract comes to and end.

2. Learn New Skills and Figure Out What Position You Like the Most.

Temporary positions provide great opportunities to learn new skills. Even a short-lived position can provide a great deal of training and can be extremely useful in building your resume. The experience provided by a temporary position may help you better figure out exactly what you would like to do in your career.

3. Find the Right Company.

Being with a company that makes you happy and is happy to have you as an employee will provide you with a better quality of life. Additionally, it will also provide you with a longer, more fulfilling career. It’s a win-win situation.

HempTemps provides many opportunities to find your ideal temp-to-perm position. There is a demand for these positions in Colorado, specifically in the hemp-related field. If given the opportunity, we can help you find the right fit for your permanent career.