Low unemployment coupled with high demand for qualified talent has led to fierce competition among cannabis hiring managers and HR professionals. This means finding candidates with the right skills and industry experience can be exceptionally difficult. From a lack of qualified candidates and working capital to the haze of lingering stigma and industry volatility, cannabis hiring and retention challenges are more apparent than ever. If you find yourself struggling to allocate the necessary time and resources required to search out the best quality employees for your business, trust Hemp Temps to do it for you.

Reduce Costs & Save Valuable Time

When using a cannabis staffing firm, there are a handful of fees included. However, you will find yourself saving money in the long run. The resources that you would normally devote to screening potential hires and performing background checks can instead be funneled into other aspects of your business such as promotion, advertising, or improving your facilities. By hiring the right candidate first, you can also avoid future hiring costs and the hassle of adjusting to new staff again.Save Time and Money

Not only will you be reducing costs, but you will also avoid wasting any of your valuable time. At Hemp Temps, our recruiting specialists devote their workdays to finding the perfect staffing solutions to suit your unique situation. With this being their main goal, they are able to move much faster than someone who may be juggling a number of different responsibilities at once. The time you save by entrusting Hemp Temps to provide the staff you require can be devoted instead to more pressing matters and to the overall improvement of your business.

Reduce Hiring Risks

Hemp Temps has years of experience in dealing with the regulations and risks associated with hiring into the cannabis industry. With legalization in most states still being relatively new, regulations are subject to change suddenly and regularly. Our immersion in the industry allows us to stay up to date with the most current regulations in order to ensure we are choosing only the best quality candidates who meet all the necessary requirements and have the experience to hit the ground running once they have been placed.


Since our recruiting specialists not only know the ins and outs of the industry, but also spend a considerable amount of time in selecting the perfect candidate to match your specific needs, you will not have to endure the consequences of a poor hiring decision. The hiring process is already a hassle, and you certainly do not want to have to do it all over again if the chosen individual fails to live up to your standards. Hemp Temps can help you find the right talent for your business and provide specialized, in-depth advice on staffing strategies that cater particularly to the highly unique needs of the cannabis industry.

Find a Permanent Employee

Hemp Temps offers a variety of staffing solutions, including both temporary and long-term employees. The beauty of temp work in particular is the ability of the employer to assess a candidate’s talents and motivation to see if they will be a good fit as a full-time employee with the company. Essentially, finding a temp who fits into your atmosphere, shares your vision, and has the necessary experience and qualifications to be certified within the industry may lead to the induction of a permanent employee who will provide invaluable service and knowledge to your business.

We strive to create working relationships, with our recruiting specialists utilizing their unique and extensive experience staffing in the cannabis industry to select the individuals from our pool of qualified candidates who are best suited to your specific situation and who will be able to seamlessly implement themselves into your work environment. Our goal is to facilitate long-lasting partnerships between employers and employees that will be mutually beneficial to both parties involved, with employees receiving a job in their desired field working for a great company and employers saving time and resources by cutting down their staffing process and hiring an individual who is already trained and certified to perform the tasks they require.

At Hemp Temps, we screen all employees to ensure only the utmost quality and compliance. Our service includes a vigorous hands-on screening process that ensures the legitimacy of every Hemp Temp and employer, making sure our Hemp Temps in particular are badged, experienced, professional, and reliable. From temporary to long-term staffing, personal growth to commercial, front office staff to master growers, we cater to your needs and eliminate the unneeded stress of finding the right people when you need them.