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Average hourly pay

You pick the wage as long as it is above the industry established rate in your State.


Legally Required Tax Payments (Employer’s Share Only):

Social Security, Medicare, State and Federal Unemployment tax, Workers’ Compensation (based on national average of 17.3%).

FICA= 7.65%; FUTA = 0.80%; Average SUI = 4.10%; Worker’s Comp. = 4.75%

other state fees; other (hedge)

Fringe Benefit Payments:

Holiday and vacation pay, sick leave, personal leave, insurance, bonuses, 401(k), etc. (based on national average of 30.4%).

National Average obtained from DOL Bureau of Labor

Recruiting/Hiring Costs:

Advertising, testing, reference checking, interviewing, hiring, administrative, training. (based on national average of 12.0%).

National Average obtained from Staffing.Org Library


Tutorials, training, orientation, skill testing (based on national average of 13.0%).

National Average obtained from Staffing.Org Library

Cost of Termination:

Unemployment claim administration, severance pay (based on national average of 2%).

National Average based on DOL Bureau of Labor

Administrative Costs:

Payroll processing, W-2, W-4, I-9, Hiring packet, etc. (based on national average of 13%)

National average based on staffing industry’s average costs





User-friendly interface

Intuitive Dashboard

Mobile Accessibility

Customizable Job Postings

Automated Job Distribution

Advanced Search Filters

Automated Screening

Integrated Calendar

Real-Time Messaging

Digital Onboarding

Training Modules

Background Checks

Data Security

Automated Invoicing

Flexible Payment Options

9am-5pm Support

Upload Branding

No Direct Fees for Job Seekers

Service Fees for Additional Services

No Direct Fees for Permanent Placement

No Direct Fees for Executive Search

Research and Transparency

API access Upon Requests

Human Resources

Payroll Reporting

Payroll Tax Management

Health Insurance

Flexible Scheduling

Workman’s Comp

Liability Insurance

CC Payment for services

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