Hemp Industry Temp Labor

We offer a wide range of services that will benefit your business. We provide trimmers, growers, bud tenders, front desk personnel and general labor positions. We cater to all industry needs and our rates are affordable. Confidentiality is our number one concern, and we strictly enforce this policy. All of our Hemp Temps sign confidentiality agreements to ensure trade secrets stay within.

We understand our clients’ need to set industry standards. We know how crucial the need for validated and verified information is in order to stay on the cutting edge of this industry. That is why we provide services for our clients to develop new reporting criteria to meet their ever changing business needs. We are pleased to announce our Confidential Consumer service and strive to get you the results you need in order to continue success in this ever changing industry! All of our employees are; badged, background checked, WPS certified, and bring their own trimming supplies

Position WE Offer

Professional Trimming

All trimming is done to your specifications. Trimming can either be done wet or dry. We trim quickly and expertly to make sure you get the results you want, when you want them. Do you use a trim machine? We have staff proficient in all types of trim machines.

Professional Harvesting

Our harvest team can handle it all: Cutting down, hanging, disassembling, planting, trans planting, pruning, feeding, and more. At HempTemps, we pride ourselves on our versatility.

Bud Tending

Our Hemp Temps have a vast knowledge of strains, (indicas, sativas, hybrids) edibles, and extracts. Utilizing their knowledge and experience they are able to make sales and recommendations to your patients based on their individual needs. Our bud tenders are familiar with dispensary protocol and POS software, including MJ Freeway and BioTrac.

Master Grower

Hemp Temps has experienced commercial growers that can take your grow to the next level. Our growers are experienced with many different grow mediums, nutrient lines, strains, and techniques. Their main goal is to carry out your specific instructions and tasks to make your harvest the best one yet!

Assistant Grower

Assistant growers are responsible for maintaining, watering, transplanting, pruning, cloning, and any other needs. Our assistant growers are eager to learn and passionate about doing a great job. Get your master grower some help!

General Labor

We have Hemp Temps available to fit all your needs. Our General Labor crews assist with grow set-up and take down, material construction and maintenance, cleaning, and more.


With so many items in the industry, Hemp Temps can package anything from vape cartridges, infused edibles, products, and more.

Kitchen Aide

Hemp Temps offers kitchen assistance, from bottling, labeling, pouring to stirring, chocolate dipping to baking. ServSafe employees available.

Payroll Services

Hemp Temps can now run payroll for your entire company. Take the headache out of writing paychecks and call us today!

Temp To Perm Hiring

Hemp Temps is now proud to offer a Temp to Perm hiring structure for all of our Hemp Temps. If you are interested in bringing on one of our employees full-time, ask us how today!