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Cannabis Jobs: Gramming, Packing, & Rolling

Cannabis is one of the country’s fastest growing industries, with states that have adopted recreational marijuana receiving billions in tax revenue each year. For professionals looking to break in to the industry and find careers in cannabis, there is no better time than the present. If you want to try something a bit more involved than trimming, but don’t have the experience for a position like extraction technician, you should consider a mid-level position like gramming, packing, and rolling.

In this quick cannabis jobs guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get acquainted with marijuana gramming, packing, and rolling so you can start your job search with some knowledge under your belt.

What Is Marijuana Gramming?

Cannabis is sold by weight. Most dispensaries sell grams, eighths (3.5 grams), quarters (7 grams), halves (14 grams), and full ounces (28 grams). Flower is carefully weighed, and packed in appropriately sized containers. Marijuana “gramming” describes this weighing process. Marijuana grammers spend their time taking precise weight measurements before packing cannabis products.

What Is Marijuana Packing?

Once the cannabis has been weighed it moves on to be packed. Marijuana packers, put cannabis products in their appropriate packaging, add labels, and ensure that all appropriate seals and safety features are applied according to local regulations.

What Is a Marijuana Roller?

Pre-rolls, or joints sold at dispensaries, also need to be carefully weighed and inspected. Pre-rolled joints contain a set amount of cannabis, typically between .25 grams and 1 gram. Marijuana rollers spend their days carefully measuring and rolling joints. Some rollers use their hands, while others use specialized equipment to ensure consistency across joints. Joint rollers may also package joints, and add labels.