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As the cannabis industry skyrockets, more exciting job opportunities in the industry are appearing every day. For professions looking to get in on the ground floor, the most common and attainable entry-level position is: Trimmer.

Trimming might seem like a small job, but all cannabis companies require trimmers to prepare flowers for proper consumption post-harvest, making them an essential part of the process. Here, we’re sharing a guide on how to break into the cannabis industry as a cannabis trimmer and what you’ll need to do to be a success.

Job Responsibilities of a Cannabis Trimmer

Cannabis trimmers have plenty of responsibilities in their role, including specialized skills. The ideal trimmer is someone who has patience and steady hands. Since cannabis flower buds are delicate, trimmers should handle the buds gently while trimming to avoid potential damage. During the pruning process, trimmers also wear gloves to protect their hands.

A cannabis trimmer’s job responsibilities and expectations may include:

  • De-fanning the cannabis plants
  • Recording the weight of cannabis plants
  • Trimming the stems off the buds via machine trimming, wet trimming, or dry trimming, according to a company’s standard procedures
  • Ready to work on a team or solo, if necessary
  • Being meticulous
  • Maintaining cleanliness and prime quality of the plants
  • Reporting possible findings to management
  • Ability to endure long hours of physical work and be hands-on